tirsdag 3. februar 2015

Christmas artshow/ juleutstilling des.2014 HIS Galleri Arendal

Newest monotype prints are made from superimposed polymyr photo etchings, goldleaf, shellack, collage pieces of old letters.
Theme is " Letters Home" based on actual postcards and letters written by my mother's maternal and paternal grandfathers. One wrote from Alaska goldrush back to his family in Norway, and one wrote home to his wife in New York with strong descriptive letters from the American Civil War and the battles fought.
10 framed Letters Home are on view for sale at His Gallery, Arendal, Norway. There are several more prints unframed at the same gallery.

Here are some of the painting/prints shown summer 2014 in my studioworkshop summer gallery on Vestre Sandøya:

New themes coming summer 2015 featuring my nostalgic Sandøya paintings and photo etchings.

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